As a coach, you want to create something special where everyone (okay, not everyone) can participate to achieve mutually shared goals.  You are providing a valuable online service and offering valuable membership to your members while also sharing your expertise!  Amazing!  What we did think of, however, is how you need an agreement that can be used for any situation in which your online group would like to welcome a new member.  A Membership Agreement is positive way to increase your membership by showing the members you care about them and that you want to  create a mutually beneficial and positive relationship with your members.  This Agreement sets the mutually beneficial tone, expectations and guidelines of the membership. And since professional coaching has a wide range of objectives, tools and means of achieving your members’ goals, this Agreement specifies those objectives, tools and means of achieving those goals before your member joins your membership.  Additionally, this Agreement discusses the relationships amongst your members in an online setting, and how to preserve the integrity of the membership. This Membership Agreement is fully customizable and can be used in any kind of online membership setting.

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